8 Business Habits That Make You Awesome

by Michael Saad
  1. Regularly seek out the most intelligent people you can and talk with them  – if they disagree with you, even better. You only get to be right if you’re willing to admit all the places you’re wrong.
  2. Get into the habit of testing your assumptions. Don’t just have an opinion, try it out in the real world. Ideology is great, but real-world results are better.
  3. Never take criticism personally. Keep your ego intact by adjusting yourself as necessary
  4. Be happy to disagree. Some of the best things happen when people have the guts to go against the grain.
  5. Don’t think of power as something static. There is always room for negotiation. When you get a “no” from someone in power, try to think of the question that will give you a “yes”.
  6. Fail early, and fail small. A lean startup gives you the most information about your product in your marketplace with the least investment. Don’t waste time building a big machine that fails big, too.
  7. Guard your reputation. In business, perceptions are everything. Find your code and stick to it, come hell or high water. More important than morality is consistency and coherence.
  8. Move. Nothing in life stays the same, so never stop looking for new vehicles to ride new waves. Whatever you do, make sure your actions can evolve with time.

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